SP Series Cold Air Intake - Wrinkle Black

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  • SKU ES#3086217

Product Details

Cold Air Intakes are an excellent modification for any vehicle, as they bring in cooler air, instead of air that has been heat soaked by the engine. The putative principle behind a cold air intake is that cooler air has a higher density, thus containing more oxygen per volume unit than warmer air.

The Injen SP series intake system features MR technology:

  • Increase in horsepower and torque

  • Web Nano-Fiber Dry Filter Element

  • Lifetime Warranty Through Injen

  • T-6061 Billet Aluminum

  • Made in the U.S.A

  • Wrinkle Black Intake Tube


Air filter service at recommended intervals lets an engine breathe properly while protecting it from costly damage. Air filters should be inspected and replaced as needed at least once a year, more often if the vehicle is driven in heavily polluted or dusty conditions.