Our Services

From factory schedule maintenance to major engine repairs we are your 1st choice for repairs for your European vehicle.
  • Check Engine light

    If your check engine light is on there's no need to panic. If the check engine light is flashing we recommend to have the vehicle towed.

    Schedule an appointment to have our certified technicians run a diagnosis and evaluate the best course of action. Rest assured our shop has the necessary experience and computer diagnostics equipment to diagnose and repair your vehicle.

  • AC Repairs

    Our certified technicians have the skills and equipment to repair the latest AC systems, our diagnostic and evaluation process consists of the following:

    • Scan AC computer for fault codes
    • Inspect components for damage or leaks
    • Evacuate the refrigerant from the system
    • Vacuum the system and leak-down test
    • Recharge refrigerant to factory specs
  • Brake service and Repairs

    Having your brakes maintained and serviced is a very important part of vehicle upkeep. Come in so we can perform an inspection on several key brake components your vehicle may need:

    • Brake pads
    • Brake rotors
    • brake fluid service
    • Brake lines inspection
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  • Pre-Purchase Inspection

    Purchasing a new vehicle? It is extremely important to have the proper pre-purchase inspection performed. Our expert technicians can give you an educated opinion on the current condition of a used car.

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  • Timing belt or timing chain service

    Audi and VW engines are what's called interference engines. Don't get stranded because of a failed timing belt or chain. Come have it replaced at 1st Stop Autohaus.

    We recommend this service at 100k-120k miles.

  • Wheel Alignment

    At 1st Stop Autohaus we have the latest and greatest Hunter alignment machine to get your vehicle steering correctly. We recommend having an alignment performed every year to get the most life out of your tires.

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