ECS Rear Differential Mount Insert Kit (3 Inserts) - Front and Rear Positions

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     Ready to launch hard? Put the power to the ground with more solid and reliable power transfer with our ECS Tuning Rear Differential Bushing Insert Kit!

Enhance your vehicle's driveline rigidity and response time for harder launches and faster 0-60 times all while reinforcing old, worn out bushings. Featuring a combination of polyurethane and billet aluminum, these inserts take up the void's found within the rear differential mounting bushings and do not excessively increase NVH. In addition, they do not require removal of the OEM bushings, making installation simpler than a full replacement. 


-- The Problem: --

  • The factory rear differential is prone to excessive movement which reduces power transfer reaction time and reduces traction. The slop from the differential is caused by voids within the OEM rear differential mounting bushings and aged/worn bushings. This slop translates to a mushy transfer of power from the driveshaft to the rear tires leaving room on the table for much improvement.

-- The Solution: --

  • Our ECS Rear Differential Bushing Inserts take up the voids found within these mounting bushings while simultaneously reinforcing the bushing if it's aged or worn out to increase traction and rapidly improve power transfer to the rear tires. 

  • Two inserts make up the ECS Rear Diff. Bushing Insert Kit: The aluminum insert cap and the polyurethane bushing insert. 

    • The aluminum insert is made from 6061-T6 aluminum for it's strength and lightweight properties. It's black anodized for corrosion protection and features a factory inverted profile to take up the voids within the rear differential mounting bushings. 

    • The polyurethane insert is made from 93A durometer, void-free polyurethane for strength and NVH suppression. Like the aluminum insert, it also features a factory inverted profile to take up the voids within the rear differential mounting bushings to reduce bushing deflection and limit overall slop in the drivetrain. 

  • Each kit includes an OEM TTY (Torque-To-Yield) bolt that is required to be replaced every time it has been torqued and a packet of poly. bushing lubricant to be used during installation. 


  • By planting the rear differential with our bushing inserts, your vehicle will be able to launch harder with more available traction and with greater reaction speed. By removing the amount of slop or "lash" from the drivetrain, sudden torque transfer from the driveshaft to the rear tires is less violent as the parts are held tighter together.  

  • Our R&D Team tested an APR Stage 2 tuned, 2015 Golf R (DSG) with a stock rear end against our ECS Diff. and Subframe Bushing Inserts and observed an improvement in the 0-60mph time. It's best "P3 Gauge" recorded 0-60mph time was 3.7000 seconds; now that's launching hard!

  • Whether your vehicle is used for street, drag or HPDE, our ECS Rear Differential Bushing Inserts will keep your rear-end planted for improved traction when you need it most. 


  • Our VW Product Development Team found that there were no performance options for rear differential performance on current VW 4Motion vehicles. Our R&D team set out to improve on the reliability and performance for modern 4Mo. VW's, that were available in other markets. 

  • We reviewed many combinations of rear differentials throughout the model years and punished our bushings on a MK5 R32, MK6 Golf R and a MK7 Golf R to validate their performance and long term benefits. 

  • Our ECS Rear Differential Bushing Inserts were designed, engineered, tested and quality inspected by our Research and Development team in our Wadsworth, Ohio facility. We ensured the highest level of precision and quality is delivered throughout rigorous long term product testing and leading edge product development methods.


  • Available as a single bushing insert for the front position (pinion), this position allows for the easiest installation with good results in keeping the pinion from deflecting upwards on hard launches.

  • When purchased as the set of three, (1) pinion and (2) case, this combination requires partial removal of the rear subframe to gain access to the top-side mounting bolts but provides the highest level of performance enhancements. 

    • Select hardware kits are available for replacement TTY bolts and nuts. See ES3493552 or ES3493551 and verify fitment prior to purchasing. 

  • Looking for more installation tips? Look no further, we put together a full installation tutorial from start to finish including how to remove your OEM parts! See our Installation PDF under the INSTALLATION Tab for more information.

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