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The Brisk Racing DR10S spark plugs are high performance spark plugs that are ideal for cars with performance software upgrades and/or turbocharger upgrade kits running increased boost pressure. These long-life silver spark plugs will outlast and outperform the factory spark plugs, and are a recommended performance upgrade for a Stage 2 & 2+ Audi B8/8.5 S4/S5 & Q5/SQ5 3.0 TFSI, as well as other high performance Audi and VW setups.


Install Note: Torque to 20 - 30 Nm (18-21.6

Silver spark plug electrodes transfer electricity & heat better than any other spark plug material resulting in consistent peak spark performance required to propagate efficient combustion! This is beneficial for a full complete combustion of the available fuel and air in the combustion chamber, combustion efficiency creates horsepower gains.


Replaces Part Number:


101 905 611G


Superior Ignition Ability Increases Engine Power allowing detonation resistance in high power applications

Cooler heat range for some applications allowing detonation resistance in high power applications

Lower Required Supplied Ignition Voltage

Good Resistance to Fouling and Easier Starts

1.5 mm Silver Fine Wire Center Electrode

Low ignition voltage requirements (easier for spark to jump over)

Reduces stress and wear on your coil and other ignition components

Fires properly even if partially fouled, where standard plugs will fail


Thread Size: 14mm

Reach: 19mm - 3/4in

Hex Size: 16mm-5/8in

Seat Type: Gasket

Design: Silver Center Electrode

Resistor: Yes

Projected: No


Upgrades - These plugs are one to two steps colder versus OEM - one step colder is typically recommended for Stage 2 tunes and higher:


Audi B8/8.5 S4/S5 with Upgraded Pulleys

Audi B8 Q5/SQ5 with Upgraded Pulleys

Audi C7 A6/A7 with Upgraded Pulleys

Two Steps Colder - Vintage 5-Cylinder (AAN/3B/7A) High Horsepower Builds ~Above 500hp

Two Steps Colder - 5V 1.8t High Horsepower Builds ~Above 450hp

Two Steps Colder - 2.7tt High Horsepower Builds ~Above 550hp