034 Motorsports 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Bleeder Screw Kit

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  • SKU 034-145-Z043


Replace those failure prone, plastic 3.0 TFSI supercharger bleeder screws with the 034Motorsport 3.0 TFSI Supercharger Bleader Screw Kit for Aud B8/B8.5/C7/D4 S4/S5/Q5/SQ5/A6/A7/A8 vehicles. The OEM bleeder screws are not designed for multiple use and the soft plastic can easily be damaged to the point where they no longer can be loosened or tightened. These CNC machined billet 304 stainless steel bleeder screws are tough enough for a lifetime of modifications to your 3.0 TFSI supercharged engine.