RS Ignition Service Kit

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  • SKU ES#3691929

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1 heat range colder than OE plug

Coil pack failures and engine misfires have been a chronic problem for many VW/Audi owners. The symptoms are predictable: the engine misfires and the check engine light illuminates steadily, or blinks. Ignore the problem and you'll ruin your expensive catalytic converter and fail your local emissions test. Service your ignition system with quality, proven parts for your Gen3 engine and restore engine power and fuel economy. 

This kit includes Gen3 TSI red top ignition coil packs and Audi RS7 spark plugs, that were carefully tested and evaluated in house at ECS Tuning. These are a red top version of the coil packs that come factory on the B9 S4 3.0T (rated at 354BHP) and 8V RS3 2.5T (rated at 400BHP), these engines produce massive power that require high spark energy to light the spark plug under extreme boost pressures! 

Look no further for reliable operation for your 1.8T or 2.0T Gen3 engine than this RS Ignition Service Kit featuring parts that share from the high performance Audi RS models. 

Kit includes:

  • OEM NGK RS7 Double Iridium Spark Plugs (OE# 06K905601M) - QTY 4
  • Red Top OE 8V RS3 / B9 S4 Ignition Coil Packs - QTY 4
  • Dielectric Spark Plug Boot Protective Silicone
Cross Reference
  • 06H905110L, 06J905110N, 06J905110K, 06J905110E, 06J905110G