IE Audi 3.0T Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit

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IE is excited to announce it’s Overdrive Crank Pulley Upgrade for 3.0T Engines. The upgraded pulley will increase the supercharger RPM by 26% when paired with an IE Upgraded Supercharger Pulley. This results in higher boost levels and a very fast 3.0T engine. Read more to get the details! 


  • Installs over the stock crank pulley and increases the supercharger RPM
  • 16% additional increase in supercharger speed
  • 26% Increase supercharger speed when used with IEBAVJ1A
  • Retains the OEM damper to ensure crankshaft safety
  • IE overdrive crank pulley diameter is 188mm (stock 162.25mm)
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum construction
  • Includes belt and all replacement hardware